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Small Company? Fewer than 100 Employees?

  $1,299.00     $400.00

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How Online Trusted™ Certification Compares to other Third Party Verification Sites


$499 yr

$1,000+ yr
McAfee Secure

$799 yr
Online Trusted

$1,290 yr
Privacy Protection    
Hacker Protection    
Business Background
* STAR Ratings from E-Commerce Trends™ Newsletter, April 10 2006

Let's summarize your savings:
    BBB ....................$500
    Truste ................$1,000
    McAfee Secure ...$799
    Total $2,299
  The other 3 certifications cost a total of $2,299   Online Trusted, at $1,290 saves you $1,000 each year

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Easy Installation & Set-up

  • No scanning hardware or software to install
  • Fast trust certification process
  • Quick and easy trust mark seal placement on your websites
  • Note: you must have a privacy policy in place for approval. Feel free to use this one privacy policy

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