The Web Site displaying this certificate is authentic and current.

We scan regularly for possible security holes in this website and send an alert if anything is found.

- Scans for over 39,344 vulnerabilities - Scans for all SANS/FBI Top 20 holes
- Intrusion detection system evasion and testing

Participating in the Online Trusted™ program allows companies to distinguish themselves from the thousands of online companies in a way that is easily recognizable by online consumers and that will instill trust and confidence in your website. The Online Trusted™ seal is among the most recognized seals on the internet and the Online Trusted™ name and reputation are well known throughout the world both online and off.

The Online Trusted™ assurance program was developed specifically to help business web sites address this key concern of online shoppers.

39,344 known hacker threats preventing ID Theft, theft of credit cards and loss of personal data.

Most importantly, the Online Trusted™ Seal gives web sites the credibility so that customers will gain the confidence that they can buy from you with the assurance that you are a reputable firm who is not only here today, but will be here tomorrow to take care of any issues that may arrise.

The Online Trusted™ Seal
- Let consumers know the business is reliable.
- Distinguish companies from online competitors, both legitimate and otherwise.
- Demonstrates that you care about honest advertising and fair treatment of customers.
- Help increase consumer confidence in the Web as a safe place to shop.
- Certifies that confidential information is secure and won't be shared with third parties without your permission

For information on how you can become a member and display the Online Trusted™ Seal on your web site, call 775 588-0831 and add an increased sensee of security and credibility. Secure sites make more money.