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Site Owner / Webmaster Concerns and Website Security Solutions

Your website may be vulnerable to hackers.

Online Trusted™ Solution
Our security scan will perform a daily scan of over 39,344 known vulnerabilities. Our hacker defense technical specialists will supply you with ways to patch any high level vulnerabilities.

We have many requests from organizations that want software to install and monitor from within their own IP departments. For these large organizations we recomment Third Brigade Deep Security starting at $25,000 plus annual maintenance fees of $8,000 plus.

Are you vulnerable to denial of service attacks?

Online Trusted™ Website Security Solution
Our daily scan will test for possible hacker vulnerablities which will allow a denial of service attack.

How often do you check to see if there are any security holes in your website?

Online Trusted™ Solution
Our daily security scan will look for possible hacker security holes in your website and alert you if anything is found.

- scans for over 39,344 vulnerabilities- Scans for all SANS/FBI Top 20 holes
- Tests for all types of SQL Injection and all known Cross Site Scripting XSS
- Intrusion detection system evasion and testing
- False positive filters

What percentage of your potential customers drop out of your shopping cart before completing their purchase?

Online Trusted™ Solution
Shown On average 67% of customers drop out of shopping carts.
Current Online Trusted™ members have found that by placing Hacker Proof and Trusted seals on their checkout pages they have experienced an increase in online sales. Providing the Online Trusted™ seal of trust gives your visitors the confidence to do business with you.

Differentiating from Competition.

Online Trusted™ Solution
By displaying online privacy, trust and security certificates, you differentiate your business standards from your competitors.

Higher sales.

Online Trusted™ Solution
Web sites that use third party trust seals gain an average increase in online sales of more than 12% (National Online Merchants Association June 2005 Survey).

An Online Trusted™ membership will help unsure buyers "pull the trigger" and click on the buy button.

Compatibility and Feature Summary


  • Online Trusted runs on all platforms.
  • Support for HTTP and HTTPS (SSL)
  • Scans for more than 39,000 security vulnerabilities specific to the most common web server technologies and platforms.
  • Scans all types of web servers for vulnerabilities, including Unix-based web servers (WebSphere, Netscape Enterprise, Tomcat, etc.).
  • Compatible with application serving technologies including CGI, ColdFusion, ASP, Lotus Domino, FrontPage, and PHP.


  • More than 39,000 vulnerability checks
  • Scans for all SANS/FBI Top 10/20 holes
  • Support for HTTP and HTTPS (SSL)
  • OS detection
  • Intrusion detection system evasion and testing
  • Full proxy server support
  • Easy-to-read graphical reports template
  • Supports virtual hosts
  • Remote scanning - no need to install software on the system you're testing
  • False positive filters
  • Buffer overflow engine
  • Bugtraq / CVE compatible vulnerability entries


Online Trusted is completely compatible to the vulnerabilities and patterns of nouns ofCVE security exposures (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) of Mitre
Belgium Organization.


 Hereis a summary of the most important technical features:

  • Support for HTTP and HTTPS (SSL):
    Online Trusted supports both the plain HTTP protocol and HTTPS for more convenience.
  • Stronger database:
    A detailed description is available to identify the class of vulnerability, itsimpact and a possible fix or workaround to mitigate the risks. CVE and Bugtraq
    are available for correlation purposes.
  • Full "IDS Evasion" engine:
    Most used evasion techniques can be combined to create stealth requests to the web servers. It is ideal to test the Intrusion Prevention and Detection System effectiveness.

  • Complete Scan Method Initial Scan and report

Weinitially scan for all know vulnerabilities.

  • Top20 Scan Method - Daily
    This method will scan the web server for the top 20 vulnerabilities list published by SANS/FBI ( It is a very fast security check but it will certainly produce superficial results. It is recommended for brief security checks.


Participating in the Online Trusted™ program allows companies such as yours to distinguish yourself from the thousands of online companies. The Online Trusted™ seal is among the most recognized seals on the internet.
  • Lets your web site visitors know your that business is reliable.
  • Distinguishs your company from all of those online competitors.
  • Demonstrates to your web site visitors that you care about fair treatment of your customers.
  • Reduces shopping cart dropout.
  • Increases sales - The bottom line.

Most importantly, the Online Trusted™ Certificate Seal gives your web site the credibility so that your customers will gain the confidence that they can buy from you with the assurance that you are a reputable firm who is not only here today, but will be here tomorrow to take care of any issues that may arrise.

Credibility is crucial if you want to make money with your web site. Your web site visitors must have trust in your company. It's pointless to spend a lot of work on getting visitors from search engines if these visitors don't convert to sales.

Online Trusted™ Seal of Approval is your answer and solution

Easy Installation & Set-up

  • No scanning hardware or software to install
  • Fast trust certification process
  • Quick and easy trust mark seal placement on your websites

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