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My name is Julie Nation. I have been in business for 35 years. I thought that my website,, was doing just fine the way it was, why would I need any third-party certification?

The good people at Online Trusted approached me with the idea of testing and ceritying my website, with the honest belief that visitors woud stay longer, view more pages, and then make that important call to set up an initial interview.

Online Trusted told me that if for any reason I had second thoughts about their wonderful service, I could recieve a full refund any time during the first 90 days.

I said "OK, let's put it to the test" had averaged 4 page views per visitor for the past 5 years,
but lately had dropped to just 3 page views.

The very first day with the Online Trusted Seal was displayed on my website, my page views doubled to 6.44 average pages and the average visitor spent 8 1/2 more minutes on my website exploring what we have to offer. This had never happned before. AND... twice as many people return to my web site!

So for anyone reading this, put a crowbar in your wallet and just do it!

If it works for me, a business established for 35 years, it'll work for you too.

Julie Nation
Founder and President of Julie Nation Modeling Academy, San Francisco

707 575-8585

Hi, I'm Diane McGregor. I own a needlepoint shop in Windsor California named
The Regal Rabbit.  My website is

A few months ago my website was completely wiped out by a hacker - gone. I was in tears.

So much of my business is dependant on my website. My webmaster told me that we were protected from Hackers. But he was wrong. I lost 2 months revenue while I was down, it almost put me out of business.

It took months restoring from old backups, and then hiring an expensive programmer to bring things up-to-date and working again.

Now that we have plugged the holes with the help of the great people at Online Trusted, I can finally relax and have peace of mind again.

A to Z Needlepoint
8499 Old Redwood Hwy #111
Windsor, CA 95492

(707) 838-0220

Karen Simmons here, from

You would think that hackers would leave a website alone that represents a good cuase like autism.

Not only did a hacker wipe out my database of newsletter members two times, but he actually had the nerve to email me pretending to be a good guy who could help restoring my information and protecting my website future attacks.

I searched the internet for legitimate companies that could protect me from any more hacker attacks, and after checking the references of Online Trusted, I chose them.

The added benefit was the Online Trusted Seals on my website really did get visitors to stay and see what we have to offer.

Autism Today
Sherwood Park, Canada

(780) 417-5336

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